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Security, control and collaboration for executive board, committees and work groups.

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Simple. Secure. Digital.

By making all the work of organization and communication much simpler, we bring agility to the busy routine of secretaries of governance and executives.

Every meeting agenda, minutes, and important documents are safe and organized. Boards provides quick decision-making, productivity in executive meetings, and simple access to sensitive information.


Mobility, Usability and Security

Boards have been designed and built under constant validation from distinguished advisers, executives and governance managers.

Our interface is totally intuitive and responsive, working exactly the same way in any device. Boards let you get more done, more quickly and easily, making it a phenomenally powerful and personal experience.


Create Meetings

Create meetings and notify all members, keeping them always up to date.

Organize Agenda

Organize meeting agenda by filling out a simple form and associate documents to them.

Organize Documents

Access, search and organize your company documents in one place.

Manage Groups

Create and update workgroups for contextual navigation.

Manage Users

Create and update members. Enable and disable if necessary.

Access control

Control and permission to content.


Make rich notes in documents and have your ideas always accessible and synced across all devices.


Track and predict the use of licenses and system storage.

Meeting Timeline

Timeline of past and future meetings with quick links to details and calendar.

Agenda Details

See all the agendas and their details such as name and description of the item, responsible party and related documents.

Resource Center

Repository of all documents with search and filtering system.

Quick Contacts

Catalog of members with professional data and quick contact.

Contextual Navigation

Filter navigation by working groups / committee.


Keep up-to-date on all your workgroup activities with push and email notifications.

Note & Annotations

Make annotations and notes on documents and have your ideas always accessible and synced across all devices.

Unique experience

Access the application via browser, PC or mobile devices with the same experience.


Boards keeps your meeting materials totally safe and your organization in compliance. Including end to end encryption, granular access permission model and biometric login security. We provide world-class security features to your board's portal

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